Joc O’Donnell
HWR Group

Joc O’Donnell, HWR Group

Joc is a Director of HWR Group, taking on this governance role in the family-owned business after the death of her father, Bill, in 2005. Joc cares deeply about the family business and ensures the values it was built on are reflected in today’s Group of Companies. She spearheaded the redevelopment of Bill’s truck collection and the result is Bill Richardson Transport World which opened to the public late in 2015. Joc oversees many projects in the Tourism division of the business, including The Lodges, Motorcycle Mecca and Dig This. She has undeniably been successful managing various businesses and also brings value to the wider sector by in sharing how different ways of working and thinking can break down some of the traditional barriers in our sector and create positive change.